not if, WHEN

It’s a familiar story. One most of us could tell from memory.

It centers around a bush that burns but isn’t consumed.

I love Moses. Moses is my kinda leader. Insecure. Flawed. Human.

Moses was taking care of his father in law’s sheep when an angel appears to him. Naturally, he stopped and took a look. Perhaps to make a quick s’more.

Either way, this seemed to please God. “When the LORD saw that he turned said to see, God called to him out of the bush…” (Ex 3:4).

Moses was paying attention, so God spoke. Then ACTED.

  • God acknowledges the suffering of His people (this was certainly on Moses mind and heart) – “I know their suffering” (v7)
  • God reveals his RESCUE PLAN – “I have come to to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians” (v8)
  • God gives them HOPE and promises provision – “I have come…to bring a good land” (v8)

Big stuff.

Moses, showing us his humanity, begins to reveal his insecurity. “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” (v11).

And then God smote him.

Nah. Not really.

You can’t really blame Moses. We know how the story plays out, but Moses didn’t. God asked 1 man to free over 2 million people from a global superpower then take them to a land full of giants and claim it as their own.

Intimidating, right?

I love God’s response:

“But I will be with you…”

Then he went on to tell Moses exactly who He is (“I AM who I AM”). Then speaks prophetically – I assume to bring confidence to Moses’ trembling heart and buckling knees:

“WHEN you have brought people out of Egypt…”


So, today, the question for us is this: ARE WE PAYING ATTENTION? I guess it all starts there.

Frederick Buechner noted:

“Who knows what he will say to me today or to you today or into the midst of what kind of unlikely moment he will choose to say it. Not knowing is what makes today a holy mystery.”

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open for our “unlikely moment” today. Then it’s not a matter of IF God will act. It’s WHEN.


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